Guest Rooms

Cliffview has 32 guest rooms, 31 of which have two twin beds. The other room has a full-size bed and two allow for access by disabled people. The wheelchair accessible rooms are furnished with double beds.

Each room has its own heating and air conditioning unit for individual comfort. Quilts are used in all of the rooms, adding a cozy feeling while keeping visitors in touch with the center’s connection to Appalachia. 

Dining Room

Our dining room can comfortably seat 72 at 6-person round tables for each meal. The Cliffview catering staff prepares nutritious, made-from-scratch meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We serve home-baked, fresh-from-the-oven bread with every dinner.

The patio is located right outside the dining room. Guests enjoy using the patio to start the day with a cup of coffee, eat lunch with friends, and hold group socials. We also have a large grill available for patio barbeques. 

Bishop Ackerman Chapel

The Bishop Ackerman Chapel holds up to 100 people and is equipped with wireless internet access. The chapel serves as both a place for worship and a conference center, offering plenty of natural light from the two walls with windows.

An altar, piano, organ, and a sacristy containing all other materials needed for liturgy are available in the chapel. When used for retreats or conferences, round or rectangular tables can be set up to meet the requirements of each group. Audiovisual equipment and wireless internet are available for all of your musical, display, and recording needs.

There is a terraced area outside the chapel that serves as an outdoor altar where weddings and other services can be held in a natural setting. 

Meeting Rooms

There are three meeting rooms in the main building. The large room is located upstairs and can comfortably seat 24 people at square, four-person tables. It is adjoined to the main building by a covered walkway and can serve as both an area for worship and a conference center.

There are two breakout rooms located on opposite walls. Each of these rooms can comfortably seat up to 12 people. 

The Living Room

Cliffview’s living room has three separate conversation centers, a wood fireplace, and a game table. The fireplace has bookcases on both sides making it an ideal place to relax, read, and enjoy the cozy atmosphere.

Guest rooms flank opposite sides of this room so visitors frequently congregate here before heading to the dining room.